Green Dentistry: The idea of Green Dentistry dates back to the 5th EDSA in March 2003. The Eco-Dentistry Association defines green dentistry as practice that : Reduces waste and pollution, saves energy , money and water, Incorporates high tech innovations and is wellness based. How is RAMA DENTAL incorporating green dentistry? We maintain an environment friendly dental practice towards not just our patients but also for those working in the clinic and the natural environment.


The steps we follow are:

  1. Office is designed to maximise energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. Large windows for more natural light to filter in. Use of CFL lights as well as ensure that all equipments including air conditioning inside the operatory are compliant with international energy efficient standards

  3. Correct segregation and disposal bio-medical waste . Biodegradable sterilisation solutions are used to clean examination areas.

  5. Non use of toxic substances. Use of organic floor cleaner instead of harmful chemicals.

  7. In place of x ray films, used by traditional x-ray machines, the practice uses Radiovisiography(RVG) , which reduce radiation by close to 90% thereby ensuring less exposure to radiation both to the patients as well as those working in the clinic. It also eliminates the need for toxic chemicals to develop the x-ray films which consist of AgNO3 and Lead.

  9. The entire water supply to the clinic is treated with a softener to eliminate calcium deposits in the instruments thereby enhancing their performance and longevity.

  11. We do only composite( tooth colour/ non metallic) fillings. Hence, no mercury pollution as well caused due to silver amalgam fillings.

  13. Steam based surgical grade instrument sterilisation contains no harmful chemicals and reduces water use.

  15. Use of indoor plants which help in maintaining healthy environment .

  17. Incinerator for used needles. The metal part is burnt in a special gadget and the plastic part of the syringe is thrown in the designated bin for disposal as bio medical waste. Hence no risk of contamination.

  19. Separation and disposal of used gloves, face masks, caps, bibs etc in the bin for bio medical waste. All the above measures are strictly and diligently followed as we believe making these simple changes makes a huge difference and every green dentist can go a long way in protecting our environment.


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